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Goddesses and Assault that is sexual in Myth

Thursday, June 11th, 2020

Goddesses and Assault that is sexual in Myth

Athena as well as the Snake Baby

Patroness of Athens and all-around divinity that is brilliant Athena had been rightly pleased with her chastity. Regrettably, she wound up harassment that is enduring other gods — there was clearly one, in specific, her half-brother, Hephaestus. As Hyginus recounts in their “Fabulae”, Hephaestus approached Athena — who he says consented to marry her cousin, although that is doubtful. The bride-to-be resisted. Hephaestus ended up being too excited to help keep control, and, “as they struggled, several of their seed fell to planet, and from this, a kid was created, the reduced section of whose human anatomy ended up being snake-formed. ”

Another account has Athena arriving at her blacksmith brother for many armor, and, after he attemptedto rape her, he “dropped their seed in the leg for the goddess. ” Appalled, Athena wiped their semen down with a bit of wool and dropped it on a lawn, accidentally fertilizing our planet. Who had been the mother, then, or even Athena? Why, Hephaestus’s very own ancestress, Gaia, a.k.a. World.

The kid resulting from Hephaestus’s attempted rape of Athena had been dubbed Erichthonius — although he might have now been one while the exact same together with descendant, the similarly-named Erechtheus. Summarizes Pausanias, “Men state that Erichthonius had no human daddy, but that their parents had been Hephaestus and world. (more…)